Wood and Steel Fruit, Apple and Grape Presses

These presses are all very well made from cast and machined steel and wood.

The base is cast with a threaded spindle which allows the large nut to screw down the press.

This bears on two semi circular wood blocks which act as the piston, the depth of press is added to with more wood blocks.

The basket is slatted wood and splits into two pieces to allow the pressed fruit to be removed easily.

As the crushed fruit is pressed it runs out between the slats and collects in the base of the press. A lip allows a bucket to collect the juice.


 The wooden slats on these presses are close enough together that you don't need a bag. The cage acts as the strainer. They are fast and efficient and made to last.


4.5 Litre Wood and Steel Wine or Cider Press

Well made small wood and steel press.

Uses a removable wood block and spacing blocks.


Nice Piece that will fit on the work top of the normal kitchen. The

9.5 Litre Wood and Steel Fruit Grape or Cider Press

Slightly larger press, suitable for small amounts of juice making.

This press would easily produce 5 gallons of juice over an   hour  of pressing.

Big enough for most domestic use of the odd 25 litre batch

Good size for home use, well made Italian press.

19 Litre Wood and Steel Fruit Grape or Apple Press

As above but bigger, basket size 25x40cm


28 Litre Press

Big press suitable for small orchard or vineyard,

As with all our presses these are Italian made and very good quality.

Basket size 30 x 40 cm

Suitable for the large or small crusher

45 Litre Cider Press Wooden


A nice big size and not too heavy to move about.

It weighs 65 kg which means two people can move it easily.

One person can manage it if you take the basket and the ratchet off, they come off easily and go back on easy!

Delivery six weeks on this item

Press 65 Litre For Grapes, Fruit or Cider

Biggest Manual press we can supply from stock.

Cage measures 40 x55cm. It holds 65 litres of crushed fruit.

That's about 58 kg of fruit and will produce about 20 litres of juice at one pressing

They're about 75kg in weight so you've got to make sure you can unload it when it arrives!

We'll discuss unloading with you if you want. Just phone us up!

We'll deliver in person within about 130 miles. Delivery cost on this item will be £35.00

Press 120 litre

Now we're getting serious.

This is a big heavy press, cage size 50 x65cm


Please ask for a price.

This press will be delivered direct from the factory.

It weighs 135 kg so you'll need to be able to move it.

The driver will deliver it on a pallet and it's up to you to get it off the pallet.

The delivery truck will have a lifting tailgate so the driver will get the pallet off the truck easily. 

The driver will have a hand pallet truck and can not get over kerbs or ramps. The truck will be a 40 foot lorry to will need to get near to the delivery point.

You'll need to make sure you have room for the delivery truck and some where the driver can leave the pallet. He's working to a schedule and will not be able to hang around while you get help and clear a space.

If you have a loading bay or goods yard there will be no problem

We can come over with a pallet truck on the day and help you to set up and position the press but please ask when you order!


Press 265 litre

Cage measures 90 x 105 cms

Weight is 270 kg

Capacity is 265 litres


Again, this is a heavy press and awkward to handle.

It will be delivered direct from the factory.

Please see notes above.

Price will be around £1000.00 but please ask for a quote.

Delivery times vary but expect about six weeks.

All Wood Press

Well not all wood, but mostly.

These are very attractive looking presses.

Designed to be a feature as well as a working press

10 litre capacity  Cage measures 22cm x 30cm

All Wood Press 20 litre

Big brother of the 10 litre press with a bit more capacity.

Just as attractive!!

The gathering tray is stainless steel and the screw is steel, this gives these presses a long working life. These are the bits that wear out on an all wooden traditional press, so it's an essential upgrade

Cage measures 26cm x 35cm