Water Presses

Hydraulic and Water Presses

We have these presses in larger sizes.

These use water pressure to inflate a heavy rubber inner bag to press the juice out.

They are very efficient on any reasonable mains pressure.


Idro Press 20 Litre Sale!! sold sorry

20 litre capacity and takes about 30 mins or less to press the fruit.

Suitable for apples, grapes etc. As with all presses, fruit must be trod or pulped before pressing!!

You just unscrew the top and pour the crushed fruit in. Screw down the top and switch on. The water pressure does the rest. Because the bag inside expands as the fruit is pressed you can walk away and leave the press. There's no need to keep winding down the handle.

They're very effective presses and work  very well with even moderate mains water pressure.

It's recomended that you need a pressure of 2 to 4 bar but if you don't know what your pressure is then if the hose pipe works well and the cold tap has a decent pressure then it's ok!

Dimensions   85 x 36 cms This is to the top of the press and the widest point.

We are discontinuing these presses---THis one is now reduced making it a very special price!!


Hydraulic Press Sorry We no longer supply this press

Powerful Italian made Hydraulic Press. Runs off mains electricity.

The electric motor powers the hydraulic system to exert far greater pressures than the conventional screw press. It's quicker and easier for small commercial production.

Fast easy and efficient pressing.

Metal parts are pressed and cast steel.

The cage is wood bound with steel hoops.

It's heavy but easy to roll around on the wheels.

It will take 65 litres of fruit, (about 58kg crushed fruit) and produce about 20 litres of juice on a pressing. It varies a bit with the ripeness of the fruit and the crush of the fruit.


 Sturdy steel construction to deal with the extra pressure.


Delivery  4 to 6 weeks

We have bigger presses available  please ask.

This press is heavy but can be wheeled easily. As long as there are no steps!


Delivery to most areas is free but please check before ordering. Most of the UK to Newcastle should be ok.