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Just a few of the common  ones you might need!

If we you can't see what you need please ask

Campden Tablets

Tub of about 100, it varies with what's in stock!



A tub of about 50 g of pectolase

Pectolase in a kg bag

One kg of pectolase- It does go off so if you only need a bit buy a small tub.

Malic Acid tub 50g

Small 50g tub - 

Malic Acid 1kg Tub

Tartaric acid 50g tub

Small 50g tub.


Tartaric Acid 1kg

Tannin Powder 12.5 g

A small 12.5 g tub

Sodium Metabisulphite 100g

Small tub- This is the old stand by but we prefer to use the Ritchie steriliser as it's much less "fumey"


Sodium Metabisuplhite 500g


Potassium Sorbate

Small tub, may be a 25g tub of powder or a tub of ten tablets, depends on what we have in stock.

Enough for 10 gallons of wine


Potassium Sorbate bulk please ask

Oenological Oil 100ml

Floats on surface of wine to prevent oxidistaion

Oeneological Oil 1000ml

Sorbitol Sweetner 1kg

Non fermenting sweetener-if you just need a bit then use those tablets for sweetening tea!