Grape and Fruit Crushers



No matter what press you buy all fruit must be crushed before you can press it.

When you see pictures of people treading grapes they are crushing them before they go to the press

Fruit must be crushed to a porridge like consistency.

You can crush small amounts fairly easily. Apples can be smacked with a mallet or soft fruits can be tackled with a potato  masher.

For anything more than a couple of gallons of juice it's better with a crusher off us!

The Vigo Pulpmaster Fruit Chopper

An inexpensive way of pulping fruit.

You attach the electric drill and it really pulps the fruit fast.

You have to be careful when using it, and use the correct bucket.


It will pulp 25 kg in about an hour.

The bladed pulpmaster is a simple and easy way to chop up fruit

Pulpmaster Bucket


It's a plastic bucket. But it does fit the pulp master perfectly.

It's a bit iffy without the bucket but you can do it.

Fruit and Apple Crusher- Small Type.

These are made in China and are not the same quality as our lovely Italian Crushers but for occasional use they are very good value
The hopper measures 35 x 40 .

Crusher with chopping Knives For Apples and Fruit

For crushing apples and hard fruits.

The blades really chop the apples well but you really need to cut them in half first. Especially if they're hard.

This is the beast in action, Tricia at the helm!


120 x 50cm overall not including the wooden handle.

Basket Size is 50x80 The base of this crusher is now in red painted steel. Not Zinc plated as shown

There's two rollers with a set of sharp knives inset into them which grab and chop the apples.

Perfect for apples and pears or grapes.

None of these crushes are suitable for fruit with stones.


The knives cut up the apples then the rollers crush them. This crusher is also suitable for grapes.

This is an Italian machine and is top quality

Small Crusher with Chopping Hooks

A smaller version of the crusher above. The hopper measures 40x40 cms. It's still big enough to cope with plenty of apples!

 As with all these small crushers it's best if the apples are cut in half before crushing.

This is a top quality Italian crushing  machine made for long use and to high standards

Crusher with large hopper For Grapes

The big boy!

Stainless and painted steel

The hopper measures80x 50 cmsdeep.

The rollers are 300mm across

This is the largest hand operated crusher and is suitable for grapes or soft stoneless fruit.

The hopper holds about 20 kg of fruit and will deal with substantial quantities of grapes. How many depends on the user!

Suitable for small vineyard use or bulk grape purchase from the wholesale market

This item has no knives so is only suitable for grapes, most of our customers have found that the crusher with knives works just as well for grapes,

Motorised Apple/Fruit Crusher and Chopper

Hopper measures 50 x80cm

You asked if these could be motorised! Here it is.

Nicely fitted in the Italian factory. The stainless hopper and knives make short work of apples and hard fruits with no stones.

Apples are still best if you cut them in half although it will take soft apples whole

Takes a standard 'Euro plug' but comes with an adaptor to fit the UK standard socket.

 You can see the red cut out button and the top of the motor on the top of the hopper.

It weighs about 25 kg but is easily lifted by two people with the handles.

Included in the price is the extra deep hopper extension which easily bolts on and doubles the size of the hopper. Really useful when you're dealing with lots of apples.

Click on the picture at the side for a picture of the hopper!

Electric Fruit Crusher 10% DISCOUNT!

Electric Crusher In Stainless Steel

We searched a long time to get a decent crusher. This one is is all stainless in the working bits. The blades, funnel and ejector spout are all stainless.

It's on wheels so it can be moved about and it's got an excellent motor.

It's big enough for most uses from domestic to small industrial. Capable of handling 160kg of fruit in an hour.

It comes apart easily for cleaning and you can get at the blades simply. Very important for clean cider production where old bits of apple can ruin a batch easily.

It really chops up apples. No need to prepare them. Just pour them in the hopper.

We've not tested it to capacity but it saw off a box of apples easily. It's specifically made for apples but works well with pears and some other fruit and vegetables.

Carrots can be crushed but peaches and fruits with stones are not suitable.

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