Corks and Corking Machines


Two Handled corker

Two handled corking machine that easily pops corks into botlles.

Made of painted and zinc plated steel, it's robust and practical

Floor standing corker

If you're corking more than the odd 30 bottle batch you need this!

Pops corks in with no messing, it may vary a bit from  the picture. it depends on what's in stock.

It might even be a different colour!



A bag of 30 corks, good quality silicone washed.

Need no soaking or sterilising and will keep wine for up to 3 years.

Pop in using either corking machine

Crown Capper

Useful machine for putting on crown caps

Crown caps are the standard caps for most beer bottles.

You can reuse old beer bottles but make sure they are the heavy glass type. The ones that have a deposit on them are usually ok. The very thin ones that have cheap lager in them are no good.

You place the crown cap on a little magnet in the machine and pull down the two handles. It's easy and simple

Machine may vary from the photo a bit depending on what we have in stock.

Crown Caps

A bag of 100 caps to fit the machine!

Usually gold but ask if you fancy a different colour