The Stainless Presses BIG DISCOUNTS!!

These presses are made of painted steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

They tend to be smaller and easier to keep clean than the traditional presses.

The larger ones are easily capable of pressing 25 litres of juice in an evenings work, the small ones are really for the odd gallon.

The small presses are also popular for herb presses

All fruit must be crushed or pulped before using any press!



Small Stainless and Steel Press

1.5 Litre Press 

Small but   very well constructed wine press. This item   is made of stainless steel , chrome plated and painted steels.
The capacity is 1.4kg / 1.5 litres. It will easily press small amounts of fruit extracting all the juice.
 The size is 9" wide at the widest part of the base and about 13" high with  the handle screwed down.
This press is easy to clean and looks bright and attractive,  suitable for all homebrew, homemade wines. It Will also make cider. 

Suitable for producing small quantities of juice, either for drinking straight away or for wine or cider making.

It will produce a gallon of juice with about five full pressings.

This is proving to be a very popular press, we've now made it freepost so it 's even better value.



All Metal Small Press 2.2 litre


Small table top press.

Pot size 14x13cm.

All Stainless steel and aluminium.

 Nice size for making apple juice where little and often is the key to success! Just make what you want to drink at the time. Especially if you don't want to bother freezing.

A very attractive small piece which would look good in a modern kitchen, A bit bigger than the 1.5 litre painted press

Nice Wine press in attractive red finish. Suitable for herbs, fruit, apples, grapes, anything you need pressing! 

5.3 Litre Stainless and Aluminium Fruit and Apple Press

Holds 5.3 litres.

Will make a 25 litre batch quickly, There's only a bit of fruit in the press in the picture, it will reduce an apple pomace(crushed apples) by about 2/3 in size to produce about a gallon of juice for every 20 pound of apples.

I've used this press to press 50 litres of wine in an evening

The press is made of polished stainless steel and aluinium. We've sold hundreds of these presses and they are ideal for most home use.