Recipes and cider making


Cider Making

This bits really easy.

Just pour the juice into a clean sterilised container and add yeast. It should be kept warm at about 22 c. IF it's too cold you may need to buy a heater.

It will then ferment for about a week.

You can then syphon it another container and add an airlock and leave for a few days to clear.

If it's really cloudy you may like to add finings to help clear the cider.

If you're making a gallon or two it's best in the demi johns they use for winemaking, or buy the plastic one off us!

If you're making a lot, then up the scale to the five gallon fermenters.

Then put it into a barrel available from our site at

or bottle in plastic bottles. Bottles that have held fizzy water are ideal, Aldi have some for 19p. Just throw the water away and the bottles are clean and sterile.

You can use any plastic that held fizzy drinks.

Add 1/2 teaspoon per pint of sugar and leave a couple of weeks to fizz up.

It will keep six months. Well we've kept some for twelve months and it's still fine.

How much will I make?

10kg(22lb) of apples will produce about a gallon of juice.

This will make a gallon of cider, You'll get more off grapes and soft fruit.

Only use good apples, the softer the better but not bruised or bad.