Accessories- Yeast, Airlocks, Books, Filters etc



Fits the small fermenter and bucket

Syphon Tube

A nice red syphon kit with extendable tube!

It's about 8mm bore so takes about 10 min to syphon 25 litres. Enough to give you time to swop bottles about without spilling the liquid everywhere!

Book- Real Cidemaking

Useful and informative book on making cider.

Lots of pictures and also gives plans for building your own press and crusher.

If you just want the book we'll only charge you £2.00 for p+p


Cleaner and steriliser,   in 100g tub.

Cleans old demi johns and keeps equipment clean and sterilised.

It's a mild bleaching agent that washes off easily and leaves no aftertaste. You do have to rinse it all off though!

Sterliser Large

Large 500g tub of steriliser- Wash everything down with this before use to prevent infections. Must be rinsed off.

Campden Tablets

A small pot of about 100 tablets

Content quantity may vary, depends on where we get them from but we will try and make sure they are at least a hundred!

Potassium Sorbate

A small pot enough for about 10 gallons of wine/ juice.

Use as a staibliser with campden tablets

Cider yeast

A yeast suitable for cider making, makes up to 25 litres.

Wine Yeast

Good quality winemaking yeast in a sachet for up to 5 gall.

Gervin number 2 for full bodied red and white wines.

Quick start rapid ferment and low foam

Bottle Drainer

A bottle drainer.

It holds 81 bottles and allows water to drain out.

A really useful piece of kit if bottling large quantities

Made of plastic, all screws together and quickly comes apart for storage.

Table Top Still

Well, it's actually a water distiller but does have a few uses.

Remember it's illegal to distill alcohol in the UK.

It's a complete kit that plugs into the mains. Like a large electric kettle. It takes about 3 hours to produce a bottle of distillate. If you want to take a look we have a bit more about it on this website


Heater for pasteurising juice

This is a 29 litre enamelled boiler with controllable heating element.

It has a 1.8kw covered  element

Using a thermometer you mark the dial when the temperature of the liquid inside  reaches 85oC. Then set the dial to the mark every time you use it and you don't have to watch the heat every time you want to pastuerise juice.

40 pint Cider Kit

A tin of apple concentrate with yeast, just add water and sugar to make 40 pints of cider!

Made in New Zealand, good quality juice for an easy cider!

Buon Vino Super Jet Electric Filter

Buon Vino Super Jet
Serious filter recommended if you're making over 40 gallons a year
Made of stainless steel and durable plastic.
Designed to last for years. Takes three filter pads.

Technical Specifications:

  • self-prime pump
  • filtering surface 1200 square cm
  • filtering time: 1 hour per 270 litres (approximate)
  • 3 grades of pads: coarse, polish, and sterilizing
  • dimensions: 49 cm (length) x 26 cm (width) x 46 cm (height)
  • weight: 13 kilograms

Rubber Bung With Hole. Fits Demi John

Rubber bung with a hole in it.

It fits the standard glass demi john, some of the screw neck ones are the wrong size and there are some old one that were too small!

But, it does fit most!

Takes the standard bubbler type airlock.

Bung With No Hole

Yep! Same as the bored bung but these have no hole and they cost the same!

The tail, that's the thinnest bit measures about 23mm.


Measures the density/gravity of liquid.

If you measure the gravity at the beginning, before you add the yeast, and at the end. Yopu can calculate the alcohol content of your drink!

Sounds hard but it's easy to use, comes with instructions.