Bottling Machines

Bottling machine in Stainless Steel 

Perfect for bulk bottling of cider, wine, beer vinegars etc.

This is the machine used by the local micro brewers for bottling their beers, it 's quick easy and efficient.

Liquid flows into the reservoir using 5/8 std pipe using gravity and the flow is cut off automatically by the ball cock system. Depth of liquid in the resevoir is adjustable.

On the cheaper machines you can adjust it by bending the shaft of the ballcock, on the stainless machines there is an adjusting screw.

The bottles are held in the V notch at the head of the machine and it will take most standard 75cl wine bottles

The  filling heads cut off when the bottle is removed and are adjustable so they cut off when the bottle is full.

Flow is started by gently sucking the outlet pipe- it's easy and quick. Once started it automatically restarts until bottling is finished.

The  bottle height is adjustable to take most bottles and once set up is very easy to use allowing for small scale production on a commercial basis.

All bottle fillers should be washed down with clean water after use! If left unwashed they can be damaged.


Three head Stainless Bottle Filler

Very nicely made, adjustable ball cock and bottle height.

It's now all stainless and fantastic quality

The resevoir is stainless,   or juice and when you use one you wonder why you didn't buy one before!

Five Head Stainless Bottle Filler

Bottle filler in plastic steel and stainless.

Budget version of the stainless press, the reservoir is plastic, but with care they should last for years.

The filling pipes are stainless.

Delivery six weeks on this item